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[KHR Fic] Kiss the Rain

Title: Kiss the Rain
Pairing: Gokudera/Yamamoto, side Hibari/Yamamoto
Rating: PG-13 (boy x boy scenes)
Genre: Angst/Romance
Word Count: 2990
Warnings: Contains yaoi and crappiness because I rushed it at 4 AM :/
Disclaimer: You know it, KHR not mine, neither are the song and the lyrics, blablabla
Summary: Whenever he closes his eyes, all Gokudera can see is that stupid smile.
A/N: Birthday fic for dingding132 :D Inspired by the piano song Kiss the Rain (I stole the title and used it, lol) by Yiruma, under your request! Happy bday!
Gokudera felt sick.Collapse )

He's back.

I'm at a loss for words. How can I describe this? He's back. Yamamoto is back. Alive. Healthy. Smiling. My happiness is indescribable.
Just like he said it himself, he's known for his 'genki'. It just made my whole day-month-year better.


And he's brought the 5980 back. :D Not that it ever left. It's just much more intense now.


First day of school of 2011

 So... damn... boring. That was my thought ten minutes into the first period, which was French. =_= Totally the best class to start with for a new year. I can't even remember anything we did, but I do remember that the clock was late by at least 15 minutes which meant more suffering when the bell didn't ring when the clock reached 9:20.

Second period, maths. I felt the symptoms of KHR withdrawal. Tried to write a fanfic on some looseleaf sheets, but the teacher kept passing in my row (which wasn't my normal row,  but seeing how two desks were missing in mine creating a huge gap...) and glancing at us (we were supposed to calculate the measure of a triangle's hypotenuse, which was by far the simplest thing this year, but some people still had difficulties) so I had to quickly hide the sheets ninja-style each time she walked by. Finally I decided to write it on my calculator with the alphabet function but I had to clear the screen when the teacher actually stared at it (which was displaying the word 'Ryohei'). I then got horribly hungry because normally I'd eat at that time.

Lunch went by fast and so did informatics. We're making a house with Google SketchUp and that give me the motivation to make a Vongola mansion and a Vongola base. I'll probably try it sometime during spring break. Science class... Well, apart from being informed about having to do an experiment with urine, it was a regular boring class. I stayed at school till 4 to watch Fairy Tail at the computer lab.

Bad news: my really cool and funny English teacher who stayed in Japan for two years probably won't be teaching us anymore. In his stead, the old hag *cough cough* came back.

Telling my day isn't really my thing, I won't be doing this each day that's for sure. Today was just really boring and I miss the vacations so much. RIP free time.

Writing... *sigh*

I've decided to not follow the order for the prompt table xD It was a challenge but... it's so hard (and not good) to write without inspiration.
So now I shall mix up the order and write any prompt that calls out to me! Oh and, on computer. Writing on iPod touch is just so tiring...

By the way, I have already finished prompts 5 (gloves), 6 (blackboard) and 7 (muse). I'll edit and post them when I get less lazy and done with science exposition at school (which is totally a pain... I'm talking about fireworks). Editing takes me a lot of time too ^^"
I have ideas for 'tease' and 'blood' so I'll be working on those. I think 'tease' will be 5980 and 'blood'... probably 3380 because of chapter 294.

(Hello? Is anyone even listening to me talk? xD)

I guess to get some attention on lj you need to post in a community... But I'm too scared >.<

[Prompt] Unreasonable Jealousy

Title: Unreasonable Jealousy
Fandom: KHR
Prompt: Table 30-A #4 - Puppy love
Character/Pairing: Hibari/Yamamoto
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1049
Summary: It's me or the dog.
Author's Notes/Disclaimer: I don't own anythingggggg D8
"Nee, Hibari! Look at that puppy!"Collapse )


 Does anyone play TinierMe? If yes, add me, xKaixRainx! ^^ We can trade items together!

[Prompt] Saying Goodbye

Title: Saying Goodbye
Fandom: KHR
Prompt: Table 30-A #3 - Funeral
Character/Pairing: Reborn/Yamamoto
Rating: PG
Word Count: 743
Summary: No matter what, I won't regret.
Author's Notes/Disclaimer: KHR is not mine. Zzzz.
"Sorry I'm late, kid."Collapse )

[KHR Fic] Hitsuyo (Need)

Title: Hitsuyo (Need)
Pairing: Gokudera/Yamamoto
Rating: R (non-descriptive sexual references)
Genre: Angst/Romance
Word Count: 674
Warnings: Spoilers for future arc
Disclaimer: Amano owns all :)
Summary: I need you, why can't you see that?
A/N: This is actually the first complete thing I've written even before the prompts... Which means not the best.
Yamamoto can't help but wonder if...Collapse )

Happy birthday, Zoro!

 \o/ Happy birthday to our favorite marimo! I hope he keeps on being awesome~
11/11 is the best date ever.

[Prompt] Here For You

Title: Here For You
Fandom: KHR
Table 30-A #2 - I'm here
Character/Pairing: Gokudera/Yamamoto
Rating: PG
Word Count: 524
Summary: It's not 'only Tsuna' anymore.
Author's Notes/Disclaimer: Don't own. :(
"Gokudera..."Collapse )